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Lexington Homes

“Graphic Language has been a critical extension of Lexington Homes' sales and marketing team for the past 7 years. They do exceptional work from both a design and functionality perspective and we continue to rely on them for ongoing sales and marketing support.”

- Jeff Benach, Principal, Lexington Homes

What We Did:

Homebuilder Website | Mobile | smartEDIT™ 5.0 CMS | Comprehensive Home Search | Lead Conversion Tools | SEO | Interactive Design | CRM Connectivity | Marketing Automation | Ongoing Marketing & Maintenance

40,000+ homes built. 40,000+ happy homeowners.
Lexington Homes, an influential builder in the greater Chicagoland area, has been building quality homes in sought-after neighborhoods since the early 1970’s. Their dedication to providing the highest quality construction and managed services is what makes them the leading home builder local to the area.
Lasting home-marketing tools for a lasting home builder.
The new Lexington Homes’ website immediately accomplishes its goal in establishing credibility and appealing to home shoppers throughout the Chicagoland area and beyond. A sophisticated, clean approach to the user-interface design and overall home-shopping experience clearly communicates to each audience group selectively targeted by the builder. Behind the scenes is easy content management, marketing automation, and day-to-day business administration tools bundled in Graphic Language’s new and improved content management system, smartEDIT™ 5.0.
Undeniable Results
% Increase in Total Traffic
% Increase in Paid Search Traffic
% Increase in Web Leads
Unforgettable Experience
Simple home search. Sophisticated design. Marketing Automation. Robust functionality.
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