Graphic Language
About Us
We are innovators for home builders in a digital world where seemingly everyone is doing the same things — so we strive to be different. It shows in our work, our results (better, of course), and our lasting relationships.
Meet The Team
Cherry-picked from a crop of the tech-industry’s finest, our team comes fortified with diverse talent and skill sets. From interactive-experience designers to enterprise-level programmers to builder-centric marketers, we’ve got what you need.
Alex’s love for numbers and business management started as a teenager working summers at her father’s family business. Little did she know that learning how to balance the budget and keep operations humming would become her life-long passion. Alex is a Bay Area native, graduated from UC Berkeley and is known for maintaining a smile under pressure. When she’s not working on projections, she’s cooking for friends, enjoying a new wine and spending quality time with her family.
Alex Phillips
Owner & Principal
Andy makes "making things interactive" seem as easy as boiling eggs. From animating banners to writing complex logic for interactive floorplans and kiosks, Andy's knack for turning static to interactive surpasses most aspiring developers. Before joining Graphic Language and becoming the resident guru, he worked with diverse clientele like Macy’s, Wells Fargo, and the California Teachers Association.
Andy Yep
Senior Producer
Whether it's inbound, outbound, or not-yet-in-the-queue, April's got her arms around it. April works closely with most Graphic Language clients. If she's not managing websites, spearheading quality assurance, expediting eblasts, or selling the latest features, she's checking on others to see where she can help. She's often overheard debating database design, user-experience strategy, server configuration, and CSS element positioning as well.
April Hrach
Director | Client Relations
Brittany is a developer who enjoys every stage of the process, from brainstorming UI elements to working on and improving features. Her love of development and new technology means that she’s always ready to learn something new and exciting. She has a diverse background and enjoys flexing her creative muscles to help give life to Graphic Language’s elegant, interactive designs.
Brittany Star
Chris’ passion for web programming dates way back to dial-up internet. He earned his proficiency from the likes of Geocities, Angelfire,, and just to name a few. As a well-versed technophile, his role at Graphic Language is to bring leading-edge user-experience to life using best-practices for the web, feng-shui-like tactics for programming, and the latest and greatest web technologies. Work aside, Chris is mastering the fine art of being the best dad he can be to his 2-year old daughter.
Christian Ferrer
Chris is the “man with the plan” at Graphic Language—“marketing” plan, that is. A veteran of the new-home marketing realm, he brings over 10 years of experience to homebuilders in his role as VP of Marketing. His top objective is to seek out the most innovative marketing techniques to drive more traffic and generate more leads. When he’s not counting clicks and measuring results, he’s playing with his kids (and getting his face licked by his dog).
Chris Ochs
Vice President, Marketing
Denny is the company nice guy, and his work ethic and talent will attest to his character. Denny is the technical machine behind many GL projects. From producing dynamic websites to creating intricate jQuery functionality, Denny is an invaluable asset to the team and clients. When Denny's not at the office he enjoys hibernating but will take an occasional trip to the store for necessities.
Denny Setiawan
Senior Developer
With over 14 years of experience, Drew has a knack for creating simple, comfortable, and highly effective web experiences. He does not decorate. Rather, he designs to solve a clear problem resulting in websites that are sharply focused. Large and small projects equally benefit from Drew’s expertise and determination to create a unique message. Drew loves time with his kids and keeping up with baseball.
Drew Allen
Design Director
Imad is a developer and long-time open-source software contributor. He's always thinking about different approaches to solving real problems to create powerful and intuitive solutions. Imad enjoys exploring and learning new techniques and technologies, and diving into every aspect of product development from idea to implementation. When he's not behind a keyboard you'll find him hiking many of the incredible parks and trails of the San Francisco Bay Area.
Imad Jomaa
Sr. Developer
Joscelyn is our client’s ‘tour guide’ for new website redesign projects. Her focus is facilitating a smooth and exciting client experience from asset collection to project launch. With a background in administration, marketing and healthcare; details and process are Joscelyn’s specialty. She’s an avid aquaphile, and is in constant search of the best taco.
Joscelyn Flowers
Senior Projects Manager
If it can’t be found online, Martin will make it findable. Martin has been mastering search, search marketing, and quality search results for over 10 years. And if he’s not optimizing for top search results or creating amazing SEM campaigns, he’s relentlessly researching better ways to make things findable. In his free time, Martin enjoys traveling, cooking, and listening to classic tunes on Pandora.
Martin Marinov
SEO Manager
A proud business grad from Sonoma State University, Meleina (aka “Mel”) brings an ardent passion for social marketing and data analytics to the GL team. When she’s not crushing reports for homebuilders or researching the latest marketing tools and trends, she’s spending quality time with friends and family, traveling, or facing off in karaoke battles.
Meleina McCaan
Marketing Account Coordinator
Rick has 23 years’ experience helping homebuilders market and sell new homes using the web and technology (e.g., New Home Feed). Rick’s an idea guy. When he’s not generating “rickpiphanys”, check his pulse. In short, he’s passionate about innovating to solve real problems while creating the best possible experience for end users. In his down time, he likes spending Q-time with his family and playing golf.
Rick Phillips
Owner & Principal
Ryan is a standout in the world of front-end developers. He’s dedicated nearly a decade to commanding front-end design and functionality. To put it simply, Ryan brings beautifully-designed websites to life. He spends the rest of his time exploring the outdoors with his wife, traveling abroad, and skateboarding.
Ryan Adams
Senior Producer
Teana is a smart cookie. With a bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan and an MBA from Saint Mary's College of California, she keeps the online marketing team on its toes. Teana is the brain behind GL's social media and marketing metrics, and dabbles a bit in QA. She spends a good chunk of her time fielding requests from clients and vendors and churning out reports in support of GL's client goals.
Teana Adams Halford
Senior Online Marketing Manager
Will is a full-stack web developer obsessed with web standards—and, of course, cool functionality. He’s an erudite coder who cares deeply about bringing out the best in his team, while getting the most out of his team. He’s not only a master at creating enterprise-level functionality, but rallying people. In his free time Will does Kung Fu and plays guitar (never at the same time) and is deeply invested in being the best dad he can be.
Will Oller
Lead Developer
Will is more than a front-end developer, he's got a flair for bringing digital experience to life. What's more, he's obsessive about keeping everything pixel perfect. He's passionate about semantics and making things as intuitive as possible and always on the cusp of the latest trends in new tech. Will loves being outdoors with his son, meandering through a theme park, or arm-chair philosophizing with friends.
William Metz
Client Testimonials
"The SmartEdit content management solution from Graphic Language allows my marketing team to make real time adjustments to photos, copy, promotions, and plans and so we can have the ideal customer content immediately available online."
- Steve Whaley, Director of Marketing | Fischer Homes
"The team at Graphic Language has proven to be a valuable asset to our marketing team. In just one year, we’ve shown marked improvements in overall traffic and leads and the technology behind the scenes has saved us time and money managing regular marketing tasks."
- Cameron Chandler, Regional Marketing Manager | HH Hunt Homes
"With Graphic Language’s help, we have a beautiful, user-friendly website that we’re extremely proud of and has yielded great results. We have tripled our year-over-year unique visitors to our website one year after launch and have really taken our digital presence to the next level. "
- Ashley Link, Director of Marketing | My Southern Homes
"Graphic Language is an exceptionally creative team. Their work has facilitated our growth over the past 5 years and the team is nimble and responsive. They continue to support our digital marketing needs with outstanding design and technology services."
- SSerge Esteve, Marketing Manager | PSW Real Estate
"Graphic Language has provided exemplary digital solutions for SummerHill Homes and Marcus & Millichap since 2003. Their work continues to impress and the ongoing services facilitate all our marketing needs."
- Anabelle Salum, Director of Marketing | Summerhill Homes
"Graphic Language has played a pivotal role in helping us continually enhance and develop our company website. Establishing a trusted relationship with Graphic Language has allowed us to work together over the years to determine what best meets our needs, which has led to the overall growth of our web presence. The entire team is knowledgeable, helpful and a pleasure to work with."
- Albert D. Seeno Jr., Owner | Discovery Homes
"Graphic Language truly is an extension of our team. We know that when we have a need, we can count on a quick and efficient solution. The best part is, they “get us” and we appreciate receiving a professional, streamlined and quick response."
- Jennifer Jayne Bell, Director of Creative Services | Homes by Warmington
"Graphic Language has been an integral part of our online sales and marketing growth since rebuilding our website in 2015. They have been a pleasure to work with and continually impress with their strategic input resulting in huge increases in online traffic and leads."
- Chris Ashley, Operations Partner – Marketing | True Homes