Outspokenly talented. Explicitly creative.
Meet the team.

Cherry-picked from a crop of the tech-industry’s finest, our team comes fortified with diverse talent and skill sets. From interactive-experience designers to enterprise-level programmers to builder-centric marketers, we’ve got what you need.

Vectored avatar of Alex Phillips.

Alex Phillips

Owner & Principal

Vectored avatar of Andy Yep.

Andy Yep

Senior Producer

Vectored avatar of April Hrach.

April Hrach

VP, Client Services

Vectored avatar of Brea Buffaloe.

Brea Buffaloe

Paid Media Manager

Vectored avatar of Chris Ochs.

Chris Ochs

VP, Marketing

Vectored avatar of Christian Ferrer.

Christian Ferrer


Vectored avatar of Denny Setiawan.

Denny Setiawan

Senior Developer

Vectored avatar of Imad Jomaa.

Imad Jomaa

VP, Technology

Vectored avatar of Joscelyn Flowers

Joscelyn Flowers

Senior Projects Manager

Vectored avatar of Karen Choi.

Karen Choi

Design Director

Vectored avatar of Martin Marinov.

Martin Marinov

SEO Manager

Vectored avatar of Rick Phillips.

Rick Phillips

Owner & Principal

Vectored avatar of Ryan Adams.

Ryan Adams

Senior Producer

Vectored avatar of Teana Halford.

Teana Halford

Sr. Content Marketing Manager

Vectored avatar of William Metz.

William Metz

Senior Developer

Our reach is nationwide.
Here are the markets we currently serve.

Our word is our bond.
Because we do what we say we’re going to do…

Sure, our integrity is a key reason our clients stick with us. But that’s not all. Here are more reasons to choose us:

We take extra time to differentiate each and every client with custom, standout creative, functionality and user experience.

We have served the builder industry exclusively for 26 years and continue to build unforgettable home-shopping experiences.

We are a technology company We have created enterprise-level homebuilder applications used by thousands of builders nationally.

We have earned numerous national and local builder industry awards for creating compelling websites, sales office kiosks, and internet-application solutions for builders nationwide.

We build lasting websites—and relationships The average lifespan of a GL website is near twice the industry standard.

Our builder clients have worked with us on average for 10 years and have selected GL as their preferred vendor for multiple websites, kiosks, custom applications, digital design projects, and marketing initiatives.

Our team is our family and we’re in sync and well-equipped to manage multiple digital design, production, and technical projects at a time.

Our in-house marketing department comes directly from the builder industry bringing thoughtful marketing strategies and creative insight for builders to GL clients.