Facebook Events for Homebuilders

Social media has changed how home builders reach homebuyers. These tools have allowed home buyers to reach new home buyers while remaining connected to current homebuyers. Leading the way is Facebook.

Facebook Events is a great way for home builders to advertise their local community events, from community or model grand openings, ‘Muddy Boots’ tours, or even Realtor showcases. With 1.66 billion daily active users, Facebook remains the most popular social network to leverage as part of your marketing strategy.

Here’s why Facebook Events should be part of every builder’s event promotion strategy.

Offer brand exposure

Facebook estimates about 35 million people view public Facebook events every day, making it a good way to reach a lot of potential homebuyers. While it’s free to create a Facebook Event, builders may want to consider dedicating a portion of their marketing budget towards promoting the event. Boosting an event is just as simple as boosting a post and will let you promote it to people who may not be aware of you but would be interested in attending.

You can also share Facebook Events outside Facebook. Leverage the power of your social networks by cross-promoting your event on your other channels, with the link leading back to the Facebook Event page.

Build new custom audiences

If you also advertise on Facebook (if not, you should reconsider!) you can use the response information to create lookalike audiences to target future ads.  Lookalike Audiences is a great way to reach new people who are likely to be interested in your homes because they are similar to existing customers. Facebook will identify common qualities of people who responded to your Facebook Event and then deliver your ads to them.

Connect with your community

Facebook Events allow home builders to connect with the existing community they build in. They can use Events to raise awareness for other community events and fundraisers, increase attendance at special events like grand openings, previews, and more.

Next time you prepare for a grand opening or another fun event, make sure to include Facebook Events in your marketing plan.