Is AR/VR the Future of New Home Sales?

The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of technology in new home sales and marketing. Even as we returned to some of our pre-pandemic habits, today’s tech-savvy home buyers still expect these virtual tools to aid their home search. However, unlike existing homes, new homes aren’t always available to tour and photos and videos are often lacking, especially in early-stage developments.

How can new home builders compete with the natural advantage afforded existing homes and provide home buyers with the information they want? With augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology.

AR versus VR: What’s the difference?

Before discussing how augmented reality and virtual reality can change the future of new home sales and marketing, let’s talk about how augmented reality is not the same as virtual reality.

While both technologies have been around for years, most people are more familiar with virtual reality. VR creates a simulated world that replaces the real world. Viewers are required to use a headset to experience the effect. In contrast, augmented reality is completely set in the real world. It overlays digital elements on a live view using the camera on a smartphone or tablet.

How builders can use augmented and virtual reality

Immersive technology like augmented and virtual realities can provide an enhanced buying experience and convenience buyers want.

It’s difficult for buyers to truly imagine themselves living in a home by looking at just floorplans, photos, and videos. They can understand the natural flow of a home through a virtual reality tour and use augmented reality to see how the home will look in its surroundings before breaking ground.

Homebuyers can virtually walk through any home plan remotely or in the sales office. Most importantly, AR/VR can help buyers visualize what’s possible even if a model home isn’t available or fully staged. Once buyers are able to see what they can get, they’re more confident in their purchase decision. Which can remove the concern of buying a home that hasn’t been built yet.

Within the home, builders can overlay information on upgrades, features, and costs in available model homes that buyers can see when panning with their phones. offers a similar product called Street Peek and Sign Snap.

These immersive technologies can supplement the interactive tools and features on your website to create a comprehensive online buying experience that makes buyers excited to purchase from you even before setting foot in a sales office.

Immersive technology like AR and VR are transforming how builders market and sell their new homes. They’re no longer a passing fad; it’s clear this technology is here to stay. Smart builders are incorporating AR/VR into their selling process to allow sales associates to make a strong first impression on buyers by creating targeted and personalized buying experiences.

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