Why We Use Google Data Studio

Understanding digital marketing data can be overwhelming. We work hard to create simple to understand reports that can easily be adapted as data changes but can only do so with the right tools. With so much data available, we like to use a variety of tools to better support our reporting.

One key tool is Google Data Studio which we use to upgrade our reporting and create highly-customized reports for each of our clients. Here are a few reasons why adding Google Data Studio to our reporting process has improved our overall reporting success.

What is Google Data Studio?

Google Data Studio is a free reporting and data visualization tool. It combines data from multiple sources, including other Google apps like Analytics and Ads, to create interactive dashboards and easy-to-read reports. We’re also able to pull data from third-party providers so we never miss a data point.

Top Reasons Why We Use Google Data Studio

Ease of use and access

Google Data Studio allows our team to create and quickly share reports with our clients. Instead of spending time downloading and sending files (and then sending amended reports with updated information), we can share a link that allows our clients to instantly view and further customize their reports as needed to improve decision-making.

Data blending

Data blending is the process of combining data from multiple sources to create a new dataset that can be analyzed. This blended data source makes it easier to evaluate performance. Data Studio allows us to combine up to 5 different data sources into a single chart or graph so we can create custom reports to better analyze what is working for our clients without having to export data from several different places. Data blending is essential to making accurate marketing decisions. For example, we can combine data from Google Ads and Google Analytics to see how paid search impressions are affecting paid search traffic. Knowing this information will drive our client’s paid search strategy.

Displays Live Data

Data Studio updates in real-time, so we always have access to the most recent information. Our clients appreciate this ability since it allows them to review the most recent information (or even past data) at a click of a button and confidently make marketing decisions.

Allows Customization

Data Studio gives us the ability to create completely custom dashboards. Each client has different key performance indicators that are important for them and Data Studio allows us to quickly and easily create custom reporting that focuses on those specific KPIs. There are several different widgets and charts we can modify to create a unique report for each client. We can also tailor the look of the reports, from layout to colors. While that seems minor to most, as a design-forward company, we appreciate those tiny details like using a client’s brand colors, fonts, and formatting to match their brand. This high-level customization lets us deliver exactly what the client needs and provide helpful insights for the future.

Maintaining simplicity while delivering increased value is why we integrate Google Data Studio into our monthly reporting. With various options like data blending, live data, and access to a large range of customization, it provides us with the right tools for our reporting needs. We can now easily improve our custom reports and make sure that clients understand what their data is telling them.

Detailed reporting like this empowers our clients to map out new marketing strategies and create an effective plan for improving current processes. Do you need help with improving your digital marketing strategies? Give us a call and see what we can do for you.