4 Digital Marketing Strategies to Help You Thrive This Spring Selling Season

Builders are looking at a unique spring selling season compared to previous years. There’s no doubt buyers are still actively shopping, but competing for their attention is becoming an arduous task in what is shaping up to be a potentially strong spring selling season.

In order to generate high-quality traffic and leads in this competitive market savvy builders will focus on four key strategies:

Attract buyers with advertising and offers that stand out

Attracting buyers should be one of your main focuses during the spring home-selling season as a builder. Home buyers heavily rely on the internet to power their home search so optimizing your online visibility is essential to success, especially in a challenging and competitive market. You may have an attractive website and engaging content but it means nothing if your target audience can’t find you.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):  SEO provides the essential cornerstone of your digital marketing strategy. For homebuilders looking to expand their reach, optimizing visibility on search engines like Google and Bing, allows your business to show up when potential clients are actively shopping.

Paid Media:  Increase your online presence with targeted paid advertising campaigns to help you get ahead of the competition. Identify and scale the top-performing tactics for your business and differentiate yourself from competitors by emphasizing your unique selling points in copy and creative.

Listing Networks: Be where your buyers are shopping online. Sending your homes directly to listing networks like Zillow, Realtor.com, etc. is an efficient way to widen your reach and exposure to bring shoppers to your website.

Engage them with compelling website content that differentiates you from the crowd

Once you’ve caught the eye of your potential customers, it’s time to engage with them as a brand. Show them how you can be helpful by creating content that resonates with their needs. By offering relevant, helpful, and timely information that acknowledges their pain points, buyers will see you as a trusted expert.

Video: Video content is a vital staple of digital marketing. It’s an effective tool to create meaningful connections with your prospects, bolster brand loyalty, explain why you’re the best choice for homebuyers, and provide helpful information they need when shopping around.

Blog: A homebuilder’s blog is an important part of your content marketing strategy. It not only drives website traffic and connects you to potential customers, but it also helps you build relationships based on trust. Consistently providing relevant and timely content to keep shoppers up to date on new communities, new offers, or homebuying tips. Bonus: it helps with SEO too!

Interactive Tools:  Home shoppers have high expectations when visiting your website – and it’s up to you to meet them. Interactive features like floorplans, virtual tours, lot maps, and live chat give prospective buyers the ability to personalize their buying journey before going to a sales office. They’ll spend more time on your website (which also helps SEO) and feel more empowered by the additional information.

Convert interested traffic into lead opportunities

Special offers & incentives: Affordability remains a major concern for buyers in the face of rising costs and interest rates. To combat this, builders are increasingly turning to incentives and special offers to entice these buyers off the fence. However, don’t just rely on price alone! Be sure to talk up what makes your homes different and their value so they choose you over a competitor. Without that differentiator, buyers will default to price shopping.

Strategically placed forms & strong CTAs: The most effective conversion form is the one buyers can find. Make it easy for buyers to complete a lead form by strategically placing them around your website with compelling calls-to-actions that are clear and direct, create urgency, and make the benefits of joining your interest list clear.

Integrated Sales Tools: Turn home shoppers into buyers by engaging them from the moment they enter your sales office with interactive sales kiosks. Outfit your sales centers with digital kiosks that give shoppers the information they need about your new-home communities and create a seamless shopping experience from website to sales center and back.

Nurture leads and buyers over time

Your job isn’t over after you converted a lead. Keep the conversation going while nurturing your leads through to purchase (and honestly, beyond). Nurturing existing leads is key to growing relationships and showing that you bring value —something customers won’t forget when it’s time for them (or their network) to make purchases in the future. If done right, continuing communication with visitors can encourage repeat business or referrals, even if that lead doesn’t eventually purchase from you.

Email marketing: Email is an invaluable part of any home builder’s digital marketing toolbox, allowing you to connect directly with potential buyers and give them the resources they need for a successful purchase. Keep your email messages clear yet engaging, providing valuable information that will help move customers closer to their dream homes. Use this platform to provide new information and offers.

Retargeting: retargeting campaigns are an excellent way to keep your brand at the forefront of buyers’ minds. Retargeting allows you to show buyers ads across the web based on their activity on your website to encourage them to return and complete a sign-up.

CRM Integration:  By connecting your CRM and website, you gain a powerful vantage point of your customers and prospects. This gives you the ability to communicate with them more effectively, providing ongoing value in every interaction that builds strong relationships.

Savvy builders know that to get these buyers’ attention they must focus on driving high-quality traffic through a holistic marketing strategy. By adopting these four key approaches, builders can ensure success in this year’s spring selling season.

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