4 Reasons Why a Successful Fall Selling Season Starts Today

Spring selling season may get all the press, but homebuilders know that serious home shoppers also abound in the fall and winter seasons. And successful homebuilders are already planning to capture these home shoppers.

The key to capturing these home shoppers is with a great homebuilder website. With four months until the Fall Selling Season starts, now is the best time to start revamping your online presence.

Here are 4 reasons why a successful Fall Selling Season starts today:

  1. Fall/Winter is Secretly a “Peak” Selling Season: While the overall real estate market may be down, fall and early winter are high points for new home sales. According to the NAHB, November and December were two of the three highest selling months for new homes in 2015.
  2. Home Shopping Starts Online: 43% of home buyers purchased a home they first found online, making the internet by far the #1 source. Position yourself to turn home shoppers into leads this winter with a brand new website.
  3. Get a Jump Start on 2017: Home shoppers take an average of 10 weeks to make a purchase decision (first-time buyers taking even longer). That means the leads you are capturing during the fall and winter months aren’t purchasing until early the next year. So the more leads you can capture through your website this fall/winter the stronger your sales will be in early 2017
  4. It Takes Time To Do It Right: As with any quality product, a beautiful, high converting website takes time to design and build. The longer you wait to get started the less likely you are to be able to take advantage of the results a new website can produce this year.

Fall and early winter are opportune times for homebuilders to stand out from the competition and promote your new homes without the clutter from the existing home competition. That’s why successful homebuilders are planning ahead and looking to revamp their websites NOW in order to stay ahead of the curve come fall, winter and even 2017.

It’s never too early to start planning for your future success so don’t wait until summer or next fiscal year. Contact us today and get your new and vastly improved website for this Fall Selling Season!