Benefits of In-Platform Lead Generation Forms

Mobile devices are an essential part of modern life, and the home shopping experience is no different. According to the National Association of Realtors, 74% of home buyers used their smartphones and tablets to search for new homes and browse real estate listings.

Help yourself get in front of these home shoppers and make it easier for them to convert to leads by using in-platform lead generation forms on all major digital advertising channels. Lead generation forms can be used on advertising platforms including Facebook, Instagram (through Facebook advertising) and Google. They allow buyers to submit a lead form without leaving the platform. It’s quick and easy!

Benefits of using in-platform lead forms

Here are the key benefits of using in-platform lead generation form ads:


When a user clicks on a lead generation form ad, they will see a form that’s pre-filled with their contact information, such as name and email, based on their social media profile or account profile. They will be able to quickly register their interest in a new home or community with a single click.

benefits of in-platform lead gen formsMobile-friendly

Chances are your audience is on their smartphone right now – in fact, you might be on your smartphone right now. With 69% of digital media being spent on mobile devices, mobile advertising isn’t going anywhere. That’s the beautify of in-platform lead forms. They’re optimized for mobile so you can be confident your form will be look good on a smaller screen and be user friendly.

Collect leads instantly

Lead forms remain a solid way of gathering data from your audience. However, transferring that data into your CRM can be annoying. Thankfully platforms like Facebook and Google allow you to connect your CRM (and other apps) so your leads can pass through automatically or you can download them manually.

Gather key information

While home builders can select from a standard collection of form fields, sometimes there are times when they may need to use custom questions to further qualify a lead. These in-platform lead forms give builders the opportunity to uses these custom fields to gather vital information needed from your target market that can be used for future campaigns.

Non-disruptive experience

One of the biggest benefits of in-platform lead generation forms is their ability to not break the browsing experience. The lead form ad appears on a user’s newsfeed as regular sponsored content they’re already used to seeing and allows them to register their information without needing to leave the platform. You won’t need to worry about losing potential leads when redirecting them to a landing page.

In-platform lead generation best practices

In-platform lead generation forms are a great way to supercharge your lead generation. Here are a few best practices to keep in mind so you can make the most of your options.

Develop a strong message and offer

Create a compelling and clear message and offer to hook buyers. You want to make sure it explains what users are signing up for and why they should share their information with you. Make sure the ad and form are referencing the same content.

Keep the number of fields to a minimum

Balancing collecting the right information with a quick process can be difficult. You want to decide which information is critical to collect from leads that will also qualify them. Forms with 5 or fewer questions see the highest completion rates.

Make custom questions easy to answer

We get it: sometimes you need to ask a custom question. Adding even one custom question can reduce completion rates so you’ll want to be strategic. Keep the number of custom questions to a minimum and opt for a multiple choice or dropdown menu selection rather than writing in an answer to make it easy for users.

Use related images and video

Your creative will often be the hook that grabs a user’s attention. You want something that will “stop the scroll” and pay attention to what you’re offering. Set expectations by using images and videos that relate to what you’re seeking leads for and continue the message in your copy and lead form. You’ll also want to refresh your creative regularly to avoid it going stale.

Marketing is all about getting the right message to the right person at the right time. Adding lead generation forms to your overall lead generation strategy can go a long way in helping you achieve that goal.

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