Saratoga Homes New Website Goes Live!

Saratoga Homes is a well-established builder with a long-storied history of building quality homes. This multi-regional home builder in Texas needed a website to unite its four distinct regions under one cohesive online brand, message, and home shopping experience.

They turned to Graphic Language to create a new-home shopping experience that not only engages home buyers but solves a deep pain point in managing everyday marketing tasks. What emerged is a simplified website experience that is clean and easy-to-navigate on the front end while presenting a unified marketing front to home buyers. At the same time, the back-end management system (our smartEDIT CMS product) provides the tools to easily manage daily business and marketing tasks.

Check out all the new details in the new

Improved User Experience

A new and improved layout allows for a more intuitive and natural home search experience across four distinct geographic regions. Combined with the clean and easily navigable mobile experience that comes with every Graphic Language website, this has turned into one of the most user-friendly websites we’ve ever produced.

Marketing Landing Page (MLP) Builder

Our new Marketing Landing Page builder streamlines the creation and deployment of custom landing pages for unique marketing campaigns and promotions.

Engaging Interactive Content and Home Buyer Tools

The new website uses interactive home shopping tools to allow home buyers to customize their home buying experience by saving floorplans, communities, and move-in ready homes.

Smartly Designed to Improve SEO

The new website was built with an SEO-focused strategy balanced with amazing website design. This strategy includes SEO-boosting regional landing pages that make regional shopping easier and increases visibility on search engines as well as the back-end tools in smartEDIT to easily manage and update SEO relevant headers and metadata.

Superior Functionality

This website is built with the latest design technologies that highlight high-volume media assets (still images, virtual tours, video, etc.) and advanced loading for a speedy multi-media experience.

Industry Leading Back-End Functionality

smartEDIT 4.0, our latest and greatest builder-centric CMS, has been customized to allow Saratoga’s marketing team to manage current and ongoing marketing efforts and keep the website continuously updated with fresh communities, plans, pricing, inventory, and more.

Saratoga is in love with their new website and how it effectively brings together each region into one entity.

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