The Importance of Marketing Landing Pages

Landing pages are critical for any digital marketing campaign. Truth is, you spend significant time and money creating ad campaigns to drive home buyers to your website, but have no direct relevant content to give them upon arrival. Landing pages help convert these website visitors into leads and sales by speaking directly to their interests.

What is a landing page?

Let’s start with a definition. A landing page is a standalone page on your website that a visitor can land on after clicking through an online marketing campaign. Landing pages are usually distinct from the rest of your website and allow you to capture visitors’ personal information in exchange for an offer or additional information.

We get it: why spend more time and money creating landing pages when you can just direct visitors to your homepage? Easy: your homepage isn’t meant to convert visitors to leads. Unlike the other pages on your website that encourage visitors to explore and learn more about your new homes and communities. But your landing pages are designed to quickly convert visitors to leads.

Key benefits of a landing page

Landing pages are effective at converting leads by connecting your campaigns to targeted, highly relevant landing pages. Here are some of the key benefits:

Convert Homebuyers to Leads: direct homebuyers to a single place where they can quickly and easily find the information they’re looking for, increasing the chances they will provide their contact information to join an interest list, schedule a tour, or register to view more homes.

Support Business Goals: create custom landing pages to support any campaign, strategy, or promotion to get more leads, sell more homes, and more.

Simpler Campaign Measurement: make it easier to measure the success of your paid campaigns and make informed decisions.

Easily Create Professional Looking Landing Pages

One of the biggest pain-points we’ve heard from home builders is the difficulty of creating marketing landing pages. It’s expensive and time-consuming to hire a designer or developer to create a subpar landing page. Instead, many builders chose to link to an unoptimized page on their websites and risk missing out on potential leads and sales.

We spent months developing an easy way for homebuilders to create professional-looking landing pages without the need for a designer or developer. Our new Marketing Landing Page builder enables home builders to create dynamic marketing landing pages that stay consistent with their website design. Even better, our landing page builder is tied into our content management system (CMS), smartEDIT 4.0, so all of the content and images are automatically pulled directly from their website’s CMS! This means you can create new landing pages in minutes.

Graphic Language has spent the past 22 years solving critical problems for home builders nationwide. Our Marketing Landing Page functionality is just one example of how we can help streamline your business. For more information on how our Marketing Landing Page builder and smartEDIT 4.0.™ can help your business, contact us today!