The Power of Live Video

Creating a live video strategy is important for home builders who want to stand out and connect with their audience. Live video has been steadily growing in popularity, with 1.1 billion hours watched in 2019 and is projected to hit 184.3 billion hours by 2027. In fact, 82% of people prefer watching live video from a brand over a standard social media post. Here are some reasons why you should be embracing the power of live video in your social media strategy.

It drives engagement

Live video is extremely engaging. Facebook sees live video receiving six times more interactions than regular video content! it creates a conversation with your audience, allowing users to interact with you and provide instant feedback through comments and likes. You’ll be able to develop the “know, like, and trust” factor that can strengthen your customer relationships.

Enjoy increased reach

Unlike most content, live video is prioritized on all of the social platforms that are more likely to share video content with users. This prioritization means your live broadcast has the ability to reach a wider audience and increase brand awareness.

It is cost-effective

Slick production values aren’t expected with live video. You don’t need a fancy camera set up or perfect lighting; all you need is a good camera and a strong internet connection.

How to effectively use live video

Here are a few ways home builders can use live video in their social media strategy.

Host Q&A sessions: home buyers often have a lot of questions about the process, especially first-timers. Set yourself as a trusted expert by hosting question-and-answer sessions addressing common questions. You can also invite your preferred lenders to address financing questions.

Model home tours: show off your model homes or introduce newly opened models with a live video tour. Walk buyers through the home, pointing out special features and answering any questions buyers have.

Share in-person events: streaming live, in-person events like grand openings or open houses allow your audience to feel connected to your brand even if they’re unable to attend in person and encourages excitement for your communities and homes.

How-to demonstrations and advice: educate, share, and inspire your audience with live tutorials on how to take care of their new home, decorate, and more.   

Homeowner Testimonials: buyers like transparency, and what better source for transparent product and service reviews than live video testimonials.

Now is the time to start using live video

Live video offers a lot of benefits for home builders. As more social media users embrace and expect live video, live video presents a unique opportunity for home builders to connect with home buyers and encourage engagement.