Why Redesigning Your Website in a Slow Market is A Smart Move

In a slow-selling market, many builders’ knee-jerk reaction is to pull back on marketing. However, redesigning your website during a slow market can be advantageous, and here are just a few reasons why:

1) While your competition is hunkering down to wait out the storm, you’ll be staying ahead of the curve by preparing for the next surge.
Because when times are good, you need to be prepared to sell, not preparing to sell.

2) As homebuilders are cutting costs to meet economic demand, so are suppliers, manufacturers, and even homebuilder digital-marketing agencies. Take advantage of these savings.

3) Your website should never be an afterthought, even when the market is cooling. There will always be buyers who still want to buy now and cautious buyers who use this time to plan for when things turn around. Your website should create the best possible first impression while offering the digital tools today’s buyers want.

4) Change is the only constant: this also applies to buyer habits and digital trends. Today’s buyers have changed how they shop for homes.
They expect to use digital tools that enhance the traditional home buying experience. Not only that, but with recent changes in data privacy and ADA accessibility, you’re probably not compliant unless your website has been redesigned within the last few years.

5) Home shoppers have more choices in the current market. The key to being successful in a buyer’s market is to convert as many online visitors to leads as possible. Online conversion best practices and tactics have evolved so there is a chance you are leaving leads on the table if your website hasn’t been redesigned within the past couple of years.

6) Your website needs to be more than just a ‘glossy digital brochure’ – it should be a comprehensive business solution that serves as a hub of information for your brand. Our builder-centric content management system, smartEDIT(TM) 5.0, is a comprehensive solution that makes it easier for you to update and modify your website to provide the most accurate and compelling content that helps turn visits into leads.

Our industry-leading homebuilder websites stand the test of time with sophisticated design and super-smart technology that will set you apart from the competition and allow you to capitalize on new homebuying trends. If you’re considering redesigning your website, schedule a digital marketing consultation with us to see what we can create for you.